Cold Winter Ahead for the Southeast?

According to the Farmers’ Almanac, the southeast US could be in for a chilly winter with a mixed bag of precipitation. The annual publications 2021-2022 Extended Weather Forecast notes that Winter will start gradually in January, trending towards colder conditions later in the month. However, the whole month will be stormy, especially along the Atlantic Seaboard where an active storm track will lead to a stretch of precipitation in all forms (rain, snow, sleet, and ice). February, on the other hand, is predicted to be a much quieter month, with an average of 57% fewer days of measurable precipitation compared to January in the eastern third of the country.

Farmers' Almanac map of the 2021-2022 Winter weather outlook.
Image Credit: Farmers’ Almanac

March will see close to normal levels of precipitation overall, but it may come in large batches. The month is predicted to have stretches of uneventful weather, with the likelihood of a nor’easter along the east coast toward the month’s end. Throughout the Winter temperatures are expected to vary from near to somewhat below normal across the eastern third of the country.

Do you think you’ll see cold temperatures where you are this Winter? What about snow? Comment below and let me know how you think this Winter will be for you, especially if you live in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, or Florida.

Source: Farmers’ Almanac 2021-2022 Extended Weather Forecast

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