A real estate referral agent is an unbiased real estate specialist who refers home buyers and seller to an agent who is the most qualified to provide the real estate services the client needs.

  • Real estate referral agents are licensed real estate agent. They go through the same licensing and continuing education process as active agents who work directly with buyers and sellers during the purchase process.
  • The primary reason to use a referral real estate agent is to be connected with an agent best suited to help you reach your goals. This is extremely important when you don’t know an agent in your area or the area you’re moving to.
  • Consumers do not pay anything for real estate referral services. Real estate referral agents are typically paid a commission which is distributed as part of the majority of real estate transactions in the US. This is typical, and legal, in all 50 states.

Specific reasons to use Richard Slifkin, Real Estate Referral Agent

  • In order to find the best qualified to provide the services you need I preform a Home Essentials Analysis to discover details like your previous experience buying or selling real estate, your wish list, your budget, your timeline, and more. Any website that gives you a recommendation of the ‘best agents in an area’ without knowing anything about you is frankly BS.
  • I have had my real estate license is Florida since 2014 and in North Carolina since 2017. I have experience working directly with clients, and I know what to look for in an agent based on a client’s needs.
  • As a licensed Realty Connect agent I provide unbiased referrals, without ties to any specific brokerage or firm. If a large, national firm is best suited to meet your needs, I will refer to them. If a smaller, local brokerage is ideal in your situation, that is where I will refer you to. Throughout my career I have developed my own network of agents in the southeast US, which is the focus of my referral services. I also have access to Realty Connects network of over 25,000 top-rated agents serving every zip code in all 50 states
  • Clients do not pay anything for my services. I negotiate with the agent I refer you to for a percentage of the commission the agent receives for their part in the real estate transaction. I am providing a service for the agents I refer clients to, which is why they pay me a percentage of their commission.