If you’re thinking about buying a home, there are a few key points you should keep in mind:

While you can search listings online to get an idea of the market (which is a good idea), once you’re ready to actually start the house hunting process there is no reason not to use an agent. In almost every instance the service of a buyer’s agent is free to the buyer. Buyer’s agents are typically paid a commission from the sale of the home, which is specified at the time the home is listed for sale and paid from the seller’s proceeds. If a home is listed for sale, the seller has already committed to paying the buyer’s agent commission almost 100% of the time.

Yes, there are agent recommendations on many real estate listing sites. Keep in mind these are not personalized recommendations. These agents may have paid to be there, they may be random, or they may have closed a high volume of business over the past year. (Personally, I like personalized service, so the busiest agent may not always be the best choice, in my opinion.) 

Considering new construction? The agents in sales models represent the seller, never the buyer. Do you want someone representing your best interests throughout the purchase process?

What I provide buyers as a licensed real estate referral agent:

An unbiased recommendation to agents most qualified to provide the real estate services you need. You are under no obligation to use any agents I recommend. 

My services are 100% FREE for buyers to use.

I won’t refer you to an agent until I perform a Home Essentials Analysis to discover details including your previous experience buying or selling real estate, your wish list, your budget, your timeline, and more.