What to do with an unfinished basement [5 Quick Ideas]

Although currently dimly lit and a little rough on the eyes, your unfinished basement still has a lot of potentials. With just a little love and the help of the following ideas, you can spice it up in no time and get some great use out of the space.

  1. Add a pop of color. Give your basement a whole different look without a big renovation by adding some color to space. Consider painting and sealing the floors, opening up the room by painting the rafters white or a light color, or creating a bold accent wall. 
  2. Divide the space. Want to make your basement a multi-use room? Partition out the area by installing an inexpensive curtain system. This can be done either with a curtain track or a simple wire, some hooks, and curtains will suffice. 
  3. Add foam mats. Whether you’d like to use the basement as a home gym to get a quick workout in or a place for the kids to play and rough house, adding some foam mats into the mix is a great and easy solution. They come in various colors and can quickly be picked up and tucked away if need be. 
  4. Use a large rug. As an alternative to adding mats, find a large, eye-catching rug to be used as a focal point, and furnish the area around it.
  5. Add lighting. Basements often offer very little built-in lighting and few outlets around the room. Consider stringing café lighting across space from the rafters to give a nice ambiance and glow without any difficult electrical work.

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Tips for Storing Wine at Home

If you are a big wine connoisseur or just saving a few bottles to crack open on special occasions, it’s important to understand how best to store them safely until you’re ready to partake. Follow the guidelines below!


To ensure each wine bottle maintains the proper flavor and aroma, storing it at the correct temperature is essential. Regardless if it is red, white, or sparkling, storing your bottles at 53°F to 57°F is most ideal. Keeping your bottles in a room where the temperature is much warmer than that may cause the flavor to become flat. Keep your wine in the dark and away from direct UV rays as much as you can to protect the wine’s flavor. 


Controlling the humidity in the room is important if you plan to store bottles for more than a couple of years. The ideal humidity for storage is between 50 to 75 percent and anything below that could cause the corks to dry out, letting air seep into the bottle.

California makes 85% of all US wine.

The National Assoc. of American Wineries


Generally, it is advised to store wine bottles on their sides. This allows the wine to stay up against the cork which should aid in keeping it from drying out. However, if you don’t plan to store the wine for long or if the bottle has a screw top or plastic cork, this is not required for safe storage.


Not all wine is designed to have a long shelf life or be aged. Make sure you know what the winemaker’s intention was for that particular bottle. It is always better to open it a little early and enjoy it!

Have any wine suggestions? Share them in the comments below.

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Trending: Color of the Year 2022

Are you tired of your wall colors yet? If you’re not one of the people who has already undertaken a redecorating project to keep from going stir crazy over the past 18 months, paint company Sherwin-Williams recently announced their 2022 Color of the Year. The company describes the color, Evergreen Fog SW 9130, as “a nourishing and sophisticated gray-green.” As a real estate agent, I can confirm that gray tones are being used in many of the new construction and remodeled houses I have been in for the past few years. While color trends go in cycles, I think grays will continue to be popular for a while, so they’re still a safe choice from a value/resale perspective.

“Evergreen Fog is a sophisticated wash of color for spaces that crave a subtle yet stunning statement shade,” said Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams. “Evergreen Fog inspires us to begin again and is a great choice for modern interiors and exteriors.”

In my opinion, evergreen Fog is on the darker side of a neutral tone. I’m not sure of it as a color for an entire room, unless that room is large or has an abundance of natural light. To me it works very well as an accent or feature wall color, or as an exterior color. However, it would likely be soothing color for a bedroom. The contemporary nature of gray tones would also make this color a natural choice for a home office setting.

“The familiar, comfortable nature of Evergreen Fog shines as a reassuring backdrop and freshens up any space,” Wadden said. “Create depth and texture with a mix of natural-looking textiles. Add a little gleam with a fusion of metals — champagne gold, warm brass, or inky black.”

Sherwin-Williams Evergreen Fog.

What do you think of Evergreen Fog? Is It a color you would try in your home? Leave a comment below and let me know.

/ Quotes credit Sherwin Williams Color of the Year press release, 9/21/2021. Photo credit: Sherwin-Williams.com /

What is a referral agent?

Aerial photo of Miami Beach, FL

As some of you may know, I first became a real estate agent in Florida in 2014, and I have had my North Carolina real estate license since 2017. I have enjoyed working with clients as an agent, and I am very excited to transition into a position as a referral specialist.

As a licensed real estate referral specialist, I will be focusing on guiding clients to the best licensed real estate agent, based on each clients unique circumstances. Through my blog and social media, I will also provide information on other real estate transaction process options, such as iBuyer services and selling a home as a ‘for sale by owner’. 

A licensed real estate referral agent refers clients to the best available agent for completing the home buying or selling process.

Thus, I work now be working a little differently than I previously did. Rather than only serving the Charlotte Metro / Lake Norman area market, I can help you buy or sell real estate ANYWHERE in the U.S.! I am affiliated as a relocation specialist with Realty Connect, which gives me access to a network of over 25,000 top-rated agents serving every zip code in all 50 states. I also have my own network of agents in select areas that I have developed over the past several years, to whom I can refer clients to. While my network is nationwide, my focus is the southeastern portion of the US. So, instead of helping you buy or sell a home personally, I will perform a Home Essentials Analysis to help you find the best real estate agent to complete your home buying or selling process. I will match you up with up to 3 top local agents who specialize in the market you are interested in, without any cost, pressure, or obligation. My service is fast, easy & 100% FREE to my clients.

I would appreciate the opportunity to earn your business and help you discover the best way to achieve your real estate goals. 

If you have any questions about what I do as a referral real estate agent, feel free to leave them in the comments below.

Top photo: Primarily, I refer clients in the southeast US, between Virginia and Florida. Photo: Miami, Fl.