The main difference between the real estate agent referrals I provide and referrals you might get from friends or suggested agents on home search websites is that I conduct research to find the right agent for you.

Every transaction is different. While I don’t discourage people from getting recommendations from friends, keep in mind their purchase situation may not have been the same as yours, and their personality may not be the same as yours. Who they found effective as an agent may not always be the best agent for you. It doesn’t hurt to have a recommendation from a neutral source, or to interview multiple agents before deciding who to use.

Agent suggestions on websites may have paid to be there, they may be random, or they may have closed a high volume of business over the past year. In any instance, they may not be specifically qualified to help YOU with your specific transaction. 

My recommendations are not an automated process. I have a few questions, which I send to you on a variety of platforms. When I feel I understand your needs, I will refer you to 1-3 agents who are best suited to help you achieve your goals.

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